A game about the dreams within dreams.

Dream Logic: When you sleep, everything is possible. You suddently have new abilities, you don't have in real life. On the other hand, in your nightmares, everyday skills like walking or seeing can be taken from you. This is what happens to our protagonist, Alice. The little girl has to explore her dreams and nightmares to fight her anxieties and overcome crippling fears. Using her dreamworld skills she can take back her agency in the nightmare realm and find her way to the ultimate treasure: cookies!

Controls (Keyboard+Mouse, Gamepad):

  • Move: WASD,  Left Stick
  • Jump: Space / Right Mouse, South Button
  • Run: Shift, East Button / Left Trigger / Left Trigger Button
  • Interact: E, North Button


Katharina Broswik2D Art, UX/UI Design, Game Design, Programming
Fabian Nausner2D Art, Sound Design
Daniel SchulzProgramming, Game Design


follow-your-dreams-windows-x64.zip 35 MB
Version 67 Mar 17, 2024
follow-your-dreams-linux-x64.zip 33 MB
Version 21 Mar 17, 2024
follow-your-dreams-mac-x64.zip 45 MB
Version 21 Mar 17, 2024

Install instructions

  1. Download ZIP
  2. Unpack ZIP
  3. Double Click Follow Your Dreams.exe

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